DARE / The innovation approach

Dare is ABN AMRO’s proven approach to (disruptive) innovation that saves you the effort of reinventing the innovation wheel. Where innovation thrives in a chaotic environment, DARE brings structure and guidance. DARE helps, step by step in finding and developing new business for your organization.


Innovation is the creation of new products and services that deliver value to customers, in a manner that is supported by a sustainable and profitable business model. When people working on innovation encounter an uncertain situation, they tend to fall back on existing processes, even when those processes are not optimised for the explorative nature of innovation. By creating unique processes and governance for innovation, we make sure that we give innovators confidence that ‘how’ they are innovating is correct, even when the ‘what’ is still uncertain.

To offer and scale a standardized innovation approach we captured our best practices, tools and methods like Lean Startup, Design Thinking and Agile into the DARE platform.

Our services

The DARE platform is now available for internal use only, as the demand outside ABN AMRO grows, we’re exploring the opportunity to let others also use DARE as a service.

DARE platform

A step by step guide with tools to stimulate data driven and corporate proof innovation. It defines the how, your teams create the what.

DARE trainings

We’ve identified the most relevant but underdeveloped innovation capabilities in large organizations and built focused workshops and trainings to address these needs.

DARE consultancy

Innovation needs the right environment in order to flourish. However large organizations are not changed easily. We help you find the right fit between innovation and your current organizational environment.

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"DARE really helped me to transform our business by giving concrete action steps"

- DELIVER, Alfred Botterhuis